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Online in Virtual Classroom  

Program Info Sessions

Topic: How To Earn A Texas Standard Teacher Certificate.

Overview: Attend this session to learn more about our Teacher Certification Programs

and Texas Education Agency certification requirements for the

Texas Standard Teacher Certificate.

When: Wednesday @ 5:00 PM

Where: Online

Host: Dr. John Doak

Length: 30 Minutes

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Image by Ben White



Our Mission

The Texas Institute for Teacher Education exists to glorify God by developing faith-driven teachers who seamlessly integrate faith and pedagogy, fostering intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth within diverse and inclusive learning communities.

Our Vision


Our vision is to glorify God by transforming hearts, minds, and classrooms through our faith-based educator preparation

programs that nurture inclusivity, equity, and diversity

across all learning communities. 


Become an inspired teacher today!

" Inspired teaching is the power of faith-based education to ignite students' curiosity, critical thinking skills, and love for learning. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding form the foundation of faith-based education and play a crucial role in sculpting young minds and fostering meaningful learning experiences."

Doak, John A. Teach Right: Elevating Student Success Through Faith-Based Education. 

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