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Certification Plans & Required Courses

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To earn the Texas Standard Teacher Certificate, simply...

1. Select your intended Certification Area below;

2. Pass the designated coursework;

3. Pass the required TExES exams for your certification area; and

4. Pass the internship course, PPRO 5383 or 5387.

texes exam

Texas Education Agency Required Coursework
(300 Clock Hours) 
Academic Year 2022-24


Per the Texas Administrative Code (§228), every TEA-approved educator preparation program must provide each teacher candidate with a minimum of 300 clock-hours of coursework and/or training. Unless a candidate qualifies as a late hire, a candidate must complete the following prior to any clinical teaching or internship:

  1. a minimum of 30 clock-hours of field-based experience. Up to 15 clock-hours of this field-based experience may be provided by use of electronic transmission or other video or technology-based method; and

  2. 150 clock-hours of coursework and/or training as prescribed in §228.30(d):

  • designing clear, well-organized, sequential, engaging, and flexible lessons that reflect best practice, align with standards and related content, are appropriate for diverse learners and encourage higher-order thinking, persistence, and achievement;

  • formally and informally collecting, analyzing, and using student progress data to inform instruction and make needed lesson adjustments;

  • ensuring high levels of learning, social-emotional development, and achievement for all students through knowledge of students, proven practices, and differentiated instruction;

  • clearly and accurately communicating to support persistence, deeper learning, and effective effort;

  • organizing a safe, accessible, and efficient classroom;

  • establishing, communicating, and maintaining clear expectations for student behavior;

  • leading a mutually respectful and collaborative class of actively engaged learners;

  • meeting expectations for attendance, professional appearance, decorum, procedural, ethical, legal, and statutory responsibilities;

  • reflect on his or her practice; and

  • effectively communicating with students, families, colleagues, and community members.

  • Internship. An internship must be for a minimum of one full school year for the classroom teacher assignment or assignments that match the certification category or categories for which the candidate is prepared by TXITE.

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